Solvik School has a newspaper

Starting from November last year there is also possible to read Solvik schools newspaper online. The newspaper comes out every time parents and teachers have a community working day at the school. The first number was issued in November 2014, the second this year in April and the third now on the 30th of May.

You can find the numbers at Solvik Schools homepage. The newspaper is in Swedish, but also containing short filmed clips and interviews, some in English.

You can find the No 1, November 2014 and No 2, April 2015 here.


Intuitive pedagogy course in Mexico!

Pär Ahlbom´s rope games in Mexico. Photo: Adolfo Gonzalez

Pär Ahlbom´s rope games in Mexico. Photo: Adolfo Gonzalez

Pär Ahlbom is the founder of a special Waldorf teacher training approach called Intuitive Pedagogy and one of the founders of Solvik School.  He has been teaching music, movement, and play to people of all ages all over the world for several decades. In 2014, during his visit to the United States Pär also visited Guadalajara, Mexico for 5 days where 55 people were able to study intuitive pedagogy directly with its founder.

Alex Jenné, a Mexican musician, educator and co-founder of Intuye Pedagogía Creativa: “His visit to Mexico had a healing and mind-opening effect on the students. We experienced how his activities truly embody beauty, joy and depth.  His radiance and loving presence were contagious. Pär‘s few words and gestures shake people’s believes down to their core. Since Pär’s first visit in 2014, enthusiasm for his approach and his living presence has spread.  New schools and old schools would like to meet Pär, ask questions, and participate in his activities, his games, and his singing.”

The Waldorf education model is new to Mexico but is quickly spreading. Today there are about 40 Waldorf schools in the country.  Letting go of the obsession to control and relearning to trust one another are pillars of Pär Ahlbom’s teaching.  His exercises encourage people to be present, explore, and make mistakes, and these are necessary to make space for innovation. Pär Ahlbom: “When we, adults, notice how much fun it is to play and exercise together without expectations or aims, then we are closer to children´s way of living. We are more “now” and “here” and generally happier. We feel much closer to each other and hide ourselves less, after we have played together.  “

Now there is a new initiative slowly taking form. The Waldorf community in Mexico would like to invite Pär Ahlbom to continue his work there. This time he will be focusing on different aspects of ‘Intuitive pedagogy’, like singing for inner balance, games for intuition, coordination for confidence, and improvisation for listening and creativity.  Alex: “There is a great interest in Pär’s work, and his approach is something that is extremely rare in Mexico.  This year we will invite more people and will rent a larger space.  Mexico lacks the resources for investing in these types of projects, but we desperately need to foster open minds for the nourishment of our education and culture.”

For more information about the event in Mexico please contact Alex Jenne: Welcome to take part of the Intuitive Pedagogy course with Pär Ahlbom, 15th to 19th July 2015 in Guadalajara!

You can be part of the educational change in Mexico if you follow the facebook group: Intuye Pedagogía Creativa. To support the Intuitive Pedagogy course in Mexico please make a donation to Solvik School´s account adding a reference “Mexico”. ∙ Solvikskolan, Stödföreningen för ∙ Yttereneby 21, 15391 Järna, Sweden

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Antilope dance

Antilope dance 2014On this Saturday, it was a special event taking place here in Järna. The whole Solvik school was gathered to celebrate the beginning of summer. As a tradition there was a massive play in the forest. Each teachers as well as student had their place in the play. Everyone, even the smallest, had an important role to play. The parents and smaller children, who do not go to school just yet, were sitting under some big trees as an audience. They were the guests. I was a guest too.

This play is called Antilope game. Or dance, as Pär Ahlbom, the author of the play, explained later to a visiting group of Norwegian kindergarten teachers from Trondheim. It started first in Järna Seminarium when teachers were playing hunting with children. At first the hunters just killed all the animals. There was a lot of running and dying. But then the simple idea of catching and being able to escape started to grow. One day a child asked Pär, if instead of just falling down, the animals could dance while dying. Out of the experimentation with the phenomena of hunting and hunters, and ancient myths a play was developed during many years time. And the antilopes begun to dance instead of laying down.

By now the play is almost the same every year, but still a bit different. There are some moments that always are the same, and some that create new questions, thoughts and feelings.

Kristini klassi piltThis year was a special year for our family, because my daughter graduated from Solvik. She will now start an other school at gymnasium level, probably already in Stockholm. When the dance was over the whole class of 21 graduating  youth and their teacher Helena was presented.

After the play there is a tradition of having a meal together in the school garden. In Sweden this tradition is called knytis – this means that everyone brings their food, it is placed on the tables for all to share. I think this is a very beautiful tradition.

The school year is almost over also for the school staff. Tomorrow there will be the last meal of the year together with school collegium and the board members. Then the long holidays begins.

Intuitive Pedagogy summer week will start here on the 28th of July to 3rd of August. There are still places available for people who might be interested in joining us.

I have some valuable new materials waiting for better times. In May we had an event about how the Solvik school was built. This was organised by Ulf Wätte and some others in the school. I made a recording of this event and many nice pictures worth sharing. Hopefully there will be a moment to write down some of the stories told, because it was so very fascinating.

Planning for Summer? 28JUL-3AUG in Solvik

play_xi-scaled1000During the last weekend we had the Spring Intuitive Pedagogy Course here in Solvik, Sweden. People had arrived from Italy, Norway, Ukraine, Iceland, Germany and other places in the world, so that they could take part in the workshops with Pär Ahlbom, Sinikka Mikkola and Merete Lövlie. It was an intense weekend with beautiful weather and meetings between the people.

Next time it will be already in Summertime. We´ll have additional teachers then: Robert Hogervorst (arts and movement), Elisabeth Cardell (handcrafts) and Regina Ludmila (painting with children) are having workshops, and I am thinking of starting a small workshop about poetry and languages (it is still to be confirmed).

The price of the summer week including ecological food and a simple place to sleep (maddrass on the school floor) will be 3900 SEK. We are making discounts for children and people who cannot attend due to the lack of finances. Please let me know about your possibilities or disabilities in payment before your arrival in Sweden.

The good news is that the price includes the sea view, visit to one of the most interesting alternative schools in Europe – Solvik School, local nature trails and an international meeting place where everyone can feel welcome. Solvik is located few hundred meters from the Baltic sea. It is walking distance away from legendary Scandinavian Anthroposophical centre Ytterjärna, many ecological farms and other alternative businesses, or institutions.

Please contact me for more information or to sign up at tammevelin(at)

Maarja Urb has just finished a beautiful movie made in 2012 about Merete Lövlie, and her painting classes during the Intuitive Pedagogy Courses. Here you can grasp some of the moments I was just writing about.

She also made many pictures about the summer course the same year.

Intuitive Pedagogy Course 24-27APR in Solvik

Pär Ahlbom talking to a small group of people in front of his house in Solvik. Summer 2013.

Pär Ahlbom talking to a small group of people in front of his house in Solvik. Summer 2013.

It has been a while since I wrote something here. Perhaps there is too little to say, perhaps too much. Anyway, I have been part of the Intuitive Pedagogy Team in Sweden more than two years by now. The courses are continuing four times a year. Next time it will be in April 24 to 27. After that it will be the International Intuitive Pedagogy Summer meeting between the 28th of July and 3rd of August. As always, we expect people from all over the World.

Today we had a meeting with Pär Ahlbom, Sinikka Mikkola and Merete Lövlie to discuss things concerning Intuitive Pedagogy Courses. The last course in Sweden took place between the 27th of February and the 2nd March. We had a beautiful group of people with quite many children.

There are many IP courses taking place in Europe at this point. Regular events are held in Sweden, Czech Republic (Spring), Germany (many locations, next in May in Kleinmachnow), France, Slovakia (Spring), Estonia (next time in May), The Netherlands and Italy. Intuitive Pedagogy is spreading even to Latin America, Columbia for example. Last Summer there was a series events there with Pär Ahlbom, he travelled in many places there and stayed for one month.

It is hard to keep track of everything what is taking place. Many films/photos are being made and published online, articles written. Here is a video made by Maarja Urb few years ago. We had a small working group every Monday with Sinikka and Pär then.

Picking Apples in Järna

Picking Apples meeting in Prague 2012. We tried to fit in Regina´s small apartment in the Old Town.

Picking Apples meeting in Prague 2012. We tried to fit into Regina´s small apartment in the Old Town.

During the IP course in Germany Freiburg in April 2012 four women founded Picking Apples artist group. These women were me, Merete Lövlie, Regina Ludmila (Prague) and Nicole Cadenbach (Achen, Germany). The last Autumn and Winter we have had a small painting group with Merete Lövlie, Regina Ludmila and Achim Bäppler every Wednesday here at Solvik. At some point we decided to make a Picking Apples exhibition in Järna. Kristoffer Church opened up for us so we could share our work with local people. And in March the 16th there was a vernissage with old LP music and many friends and visitors. The exhibition will be open until the 11th of April and then perhaps start to travel Europe.

Voices and images from Berlin #artofeducation

IP Kleinmachnow Thomas Pedrolis workshop MAI2013

It has already some years Kleinmachnow Waldorf School with its wonderful teachers, has provided a space for intuitive pedagogy people in Central Europe to meet and exercise together. The school buildings and garden, is a perfect place for playing, painting, singing, making music and of course talking. Talking about life, art, music, education, children and how they grow…

Kleinmachnow mai2013 made by regina

The teachers, Pär, Merete, Thomas and Dieter, were  there for us, so that we could push our inner limits, make new invitations, open new doors. It is so much about practice! Some things cannot be explained and put on paper. As soon as the words are there they seem to have lost their true meaning.

artofartclassesI #artofeducationRecently I wrote a blogpost asking “Where is the change in education?“, my thoughts were partly inspired by the experiences I had in Berlin. In this article I write that “learning starts when people are inspired, their imagination is flourishing and they have the possibility to follow their intuition. Learning begins when people feel the possibility of creative experimentation. Usually it happens when there are other creative people around and it is possible to get fully engaged with the surroundings and oneself, totally forgetting about other things, the world outside the space.” This kind of learning was very much present in Berlin and nearly always is when visiting intuitive pedagogy courses.

Who are the people creating these learning spaces? Who are the people who come to intuitive pedagogy seminars? I collected some voices of participants between the workshops to share with the international intuitive pedagogy community world wide, so that we can meet each other, get to know more about ourselves and what is happening in Europe.

Susanne Oertel from Basel, is an artist and a nurse. She will talk about what has it meant for her to be in Merete´s painting classes and what are her next art projects.

In the second recording shares Pavel Kraemer, Waldorf teacher from Prague, his experiences and knowledge about Waldorf Education and especially teacher training in Czech Republic.

I think the intuitive pedagogy course in Berlin was a kind of opening of the summer holidays for many. Next possibility to be in nature, meet wonderful people and exercise with Pär, Merete and others is already within two months time. Here in Sweden, we are already preparing for the summer seminar that will take place in Solvik 29 July to 4 August. This is an annual  meeting place for intuitive pedagogy people from all Europe. Welcome to sign up if you wish to come (! More info about the seminar . My reflections with Maarja Urbs photos about the last summer are available here:


postcard for summer week in solvik

Text and recordings: Evelin Tamm
Photos: Evelin Tamm and Regina (the picture with the people talking on the balcony)
Posters: Evelin Tamm